Simple and proven

Our Pelikan system is characterized by its simple design and user-friendly control. It is based on proven conveying and sorting technologies that have been successfully used in the GOH/fashion industry for decades. This solid foundation ensures the efficiency and robustness of the system. Particularly noteworthy are the rollerless adapters, which not only simplify maintenance but also increase overall performance.

Reliable and efficient

An impressive feature of our Pelikan system is its ability to eliminate nearly incalculable gravity sections. This gives you precise and reliable material flow control without the uncertainties often associated with gravity conveyors. Our Pelikan system offers a comprehensive solution for warehouse logistics and material flow control that combines proven technologies with innovative approaches. It not only meets, but exceeds your requirements and is the ideal choice for e-commerce, retail and omni-channel businesses

Highlights in detail

Leverage existing systems: With Transformer, you can build on existing systems.

 Simple structure: The Pelikan system is characterized by uncomplicated installation and configuration.

Simplified control: The control of the system is user-friendly and easy to operate.

 Proven conveying and sorting technology: The system uses proven technologies from the GOH/fashion industry, including ladder conveyors, latch conveyors and brush conveyors.

 Elimination of incalculable gravitational distances: Calculable transport speeds and minimization of line pressure issues. Indispensable for sensitive goods!

 Virtually zero pressure accumulation buffer technology: This innovative technology minimizes congestion pressure over any length of distance.

 KISS Adapter (Keep It Simple System):
Rollerless adapter: The use of rollerless adapters reduces maintenance/repair requirements and improves system performance. The focus of this development was to reduce any down-time.
Smart driver technology: This eliminates the need for high-speed singulation.

 Identification via RFID chip or barcode: Items can be tracked and identified effortlessly.



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