Solutions for conveyor technology

Our conveyor technology systems are a high-quality and affordable alternative, especially in the light goods industry. Application scenarios include, for example, the fashion, e-commerce (online mail order) and retail sectors. We also have a high-quality solution for other applications, of course. Our range of services extends from conveyor technology with manual handling (e.g. Push Rail) to fully automated handling of goods of all kinds. Hanging and lying goods can be transported, accumulated, stored and sorted. Are you already using a third-party system and would like to have it upgraded or serviced? We will be happy to assist you with that, too: Call us now!

Sorting Conveyor

The sorting conveyor is an application of the ladder conveyor and is used exclusively as a high-speed individual part sorter for goods on hangers, such as e.g. clothing. The sorter segments are attached to a pull-push-chain. These pull-push-chains are moved through friction roller drives, are therefore 3D-capable and have an almost unlimited transport length. Open product video...

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Ladder Conveyor

The ladder conveyor is a transport and sorting conveyor for objects hanging on hangers, e.g. clothing. It is able to transport, sort and store items (in cycle operation). The ladder segments (transport segments) are attached to a pull-push-chain. The pull-push-chains are moved through friction roller drives and allow for horizontal and vertical transport, with which every point in the building can be reached. Open product video...

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Clip conveyor (three variants)

The clip conveyor is a P&F (Power & Free) conveyor for items hanging on hangers, e.g. clothing. It is able to able to transport, sort items and accumulate them at specified intervals with virtually no accumulation pressure. We offer three variants: HC and HRC clip conveyors, in which the P&F carriers (clips) are attached to so-called pull-push-chains. The pull-push-chains are moved by friction-drives and enable horizontal as well as vertical transport so that any point in the building can be reached. For short distances, the VRC clip conveyor, a "light" version with roller chains, is available.


PIN conveyor (two variants)

The PIN conveyor is a space-saving and cost-effective way of transporting goods. The forward and return runs use the same profile, so that this conveyor can be used for both horizontal and vertical routes. We offer two variants: with the PIN conveyor HP, the goods are transported via carriers mounted on roller chains. The chains are moved by friction roller drives and enable horizontal and vertical transportation so that any point in the building can be reached. A "light" version with roller chains, the so-called PIN conveyor HRP, is also available for mainly short distances.


Brush conveyor VRB

The brush conveyor VRB is a conveyor that transports items hanging on hangers, e.g. clothing, but can also be used for other transport purposes, e.g. trolley transport. It is capable of transporting, and accumulating items. The brushes can be attached to the roller chain at individually selectable intervals.

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Push rail

A push rail system (a manual transfer section) is a useful component of the system if an automated solution is not economically viable in certain areas. This is often the case, for example, in areas of quality control and value-added service, since a large number of employees work here. Even in accumulation areas where goods are stored over a longer period of time, an automated solution is often not calculable. Our manual push rail system is designed to be adaptable to automated systems. 

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Laying goods sorter

For single parts up to 10kg weight

Patent pending, information to follow!

Horizontal goods Conveyor

e.g. for containers, cartons and polybags

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